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Live at the Loft – UStream

Hello NLB fans!  We now have the live performances coming in on the blog as well!  Check it out! Click the little arrow in the corner to watch here.


NLB Opens for BB King at the RiverCenter

Yeah, that’s right… BB KING!



It was a huge night for the Neal Lucas band.  We opened for BB King!  An icon in the music industry, and we got to open for him.  Along with Peggy Jenkins, the night went off without a hitch, and it was amazing.  We want to thank the fans for your support, and wouldn’t be where we are without you. Check out the photo albums to see pics gathered from fans as they watched the show.

Thank you all!

The Band is Growing!


The band is growing!  Now the soulful sound will have sax, trumpet, and keys.  Wanna know more?  Come back soon as we are going to be adding Bios for each of the members so you can get to know them each a little better. Stay tuned!


Hold It Up High CD Released!

The Long awaited Live album by the Neal Lucas Band will be released at the end of August 2011. This CD features the soulful sounds of the Dynamic trio with guest guitarist Clay Fuller for the band “AllGood”. The live recording takes place at The Loft in Downtown Columbus, Ga.

“Its been a long time coming” says Neal Lucas, the Guitarist for the trio. “We hope that this grass roots blues reaches the masses. We pray that we are holding true to the foundation that the three kings have laid for us. B.B. King, Albert King and Freddy King”.



The CD will be available on Amazon, Itunes, and you guested it, is available now at Gorilla Guitars for $10.

Buy the album on CD Baby Now!

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